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Colourful, Vibrant & Enchanting this country has a massive 7,600 kilometres of coastline & we found Wind, Lagoons & Point breaks for surf. Come join us as we take you on an extremely special journey mixed with things you love, great kitesurf spots, awesome scenery, vibrant culture, great food & accommodation

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He has come a long way...

Govinda Hivrale (21) is one of the few Indian Kitesufers who got chosen to be trained under professional guidance of Ines Correa in Rameshwaram 2013 organized by Redbull. He is now assisting Kitesurfers learn the sport safely and his spirit is infectious with his teething smile. The sport helps Govinda keep a blank mind and focus on just one thing- nature. He is grateful to the world for all it has given him and strives to spread joy through the sport.

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